Wardrobe malfunction: Grizzlies wear wrong unis

Wardrobe malfunction: Grizzlies wear wrong unis

The game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder was briefly delayed on Sunday night when both teams came out for the opening tip in white jerseys.

As confused players stood around on the court, team officials gathered with the referees to determine the root of the problem. Lead official James Williams quickly figured out where it originated from.

“We will postpone this start until Memphis can get the right jerseys on,” Williams announced.

The NBA posts every regular-season uniform matchup on its LockerVision platform, and it said Oklahoma City was set to wear their home whites while Memphis was supposed to be in their away blues.

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The league allows for teams to wear any uniform in their arsenal, so it’s not as simple as the home team wearing light color jerseys and the away team wearing dark ones.

This isn’t the first jersey mishap Oklahoma City has gone through in recent years. Last season, the Atlanta Hawks wore red jerseys while the Thunder donned orange jerseys, resulting in a visual clash.

The league requested a jersey change at the time, and the Thunder responded by changing to white for the second half.

Source: ESPN NBA


Author: Ellen Garcia