MLBPA delivers new proposal to league

MLBPA delivers new proposal to league

3:00 PM ET

The MLBPA gave a written collective bargaining agreement proposal to Major League Baseball on Sunday. It included a $5 million reduction to the union’s last offer in a pre-arbitration bonus pool, but it did not include any changes to their competitive balance tax proposal, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The meeting in New York isn’t likely to bring an end to the 95-day lockout — or lead to the beginning of spring training.

The union’s first threshold in the CBT still starts at $238 million and ends at $263 million. The league’s offer begins at $220 million going up to $230 million over the course of the five years.

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The union’s ask in the pre-arbitration pool is now at $80 million while the league was offering $30 million in their latest proposal.

The sides remain far apart on those two issues alone.

Sunday was Day 95 of the lockout as spring games through March 17 have been canceled along with the first two regular season series. More regular season games are likely to be canceled at the beginning of the week.

Source: ESPN MLB


Author: Ellen Garcia