Curry says foot improving daily, but won’t push it

Curry says foot improving daily, but won't push it

SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry walked with a slight limp and with a boot on his left foot as he made his way up to the podium Sunday night.

It was the first time he spoke with reporters since spraining a ligament in the foot on March 16 against the Boston Celtics.

“It was definitely painful at first. But it’s getting better by the day,” Curry said Sunday. “Trying to assess the recovery in real-time, just knowing how much we can push it on a day to day. I’m just trying to stay patient and know that it will continue to get better.”

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Curry’s injury occurred in the second quarter of last Wednesday’s loss to the Celtics, when Boston’s Marcus Smart landed on Curry’s foot as the two wrestled for a loose ball. Curry doesn’t believe the play was dirty or that Smart was intentionally trying to injure him.

“He made the play that he did, but I don’t think it was malicious or dirty,” Curry said.

Right now, Curry is limited to upper-body and core work that does not require the use of his feet. The hope is that by next week, Curry will be able to add lower-body work and then get back on the court for basketball activities shortly after.

But Curry is emphasizing the need for patience.

“You want to not rush the beginning phases of healing,” Curry said. “That’s where you can get the most progress so when you put the shoe back on, get back out on the court, you’re not dealing with crazy soreness. You give yourself a better shot. Because this is one that if you push it too soon, it can linger and be a real nuisance.”

The Warriors said Friday that Curry would be reevaluated in two weeks, at which point the team will have five games remaining in the regular season. Coach Steve Kerr said the Warriors are hoping he’s back for the start of the playoffs on April 16 — if not before then, which Curry believes there’s a chance of.

“I think I’ll get enough time for that,” Curry said. “But I’m an optimist.”

Source: ESPN NBA


Author: Ellen Garcia